um excuse me trained for what

Today episode is all about cats, a new technique of Dororo that can turn  a person into a cat. Also, the Kitten from the anime made a surprise appearance.

kerokamina said: ah no i meant the keroro 2014 episode with alisa

You can find this on Nyaa.

kerokamina said: i don't see the video player you're talkign about or a link ^^;

It’s right below video.

Keroro Gunsou Episode 263

Keroro, A Weevil That Grants Dreams. De Arimasu! / Keroro, Do Your Best, Trash Bag! De Arimasu!

The insert song used in the second part is Neverland sung by Kiyoura Natsumi, singer of Bokura no Aikotoba and it’s translated.

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Giroro didn’t dive to the pool because of Natsumi.

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Keroro Gunsou Episode 225

Tamama, the Beauiful Dive! De Arimasu! / Keroro, The Ultimate Pekoponian Suit. De Arimasu!

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its been 10 years and shes still adorable

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Elite Four Phoebe
While spending time at Mt. Pyre, Phoebe became able to communicate with Ghost-type Pokémon. She still thinks that she needs some training as a Pokémon Trainer, but she has confidence in her ability to communicate with her Pokémon. Dusknoir is one of the Ghost-type Pokémon that make up Phoebe’s team.

She’s cute!

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kerokamina said: where can i watch/download the new episode?

You can download video near the video player, if it saids Avi download. New episode will be today.